Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Royal Fail

So my order to Memory.co.uk has been despatched as it's by basic (untraceable) Royal Mail it will be any time from 3 to 5 days. Same as my DSLR bag which I paid to have resent last night via Paypal, I've had no update from the seller yet to say it's been despatched yet but it will be 3 - 5 days and you can't chase it up for 21 days after despatch with company/seller if it hasn't already arrived.

The email from Memory Shop says that if the delivery doesn't arrive to wait 21 days before contacting them. Also it says to check the depot if it doesn't arrive within the time slot to see if it's there awaiting picking up there during this time.

One problem the RM are very reluctant to check unless you have a card for missed delivery on hand. I experienced this problem with the DSLR bag delivery, they were reluctant to check as I didn't have a card, and couldn't find any packages for me and still swore they attempted delivery in early April and they left a card and I didn't pick up after a month so they sent back to seller and now I've had to repay postage to get my bag sent back to me.

RM are hopeless. Sellers/companies are telling you to check depots if I doesn't arrive but RM depots are very reluctant to check without a failed delivery card.

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