Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's Here

At long frigging last people!!

Argos delivered my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight today along with the Argos order I placed for my Mum on Sunday. Argos must of decided to deliver both orders at the same time, the second order's delivery scheduled day. Pity they didn't figure to inform me of the change of delivery date for the Nook when they did that and I wasted an entire day waiting in and looking out for a delivery van arriving. I had my blinds open till quarter past eight last night without reason, we prefer on cold dark nights to close them darn things and try to ignore the approaching winter season as much as possible. We feel the cold we don't need to see the accompanying darkness.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Third Strike

If this was a baseball game Argos would now be striked out officially. After contacting Argos yet again about them not updating me when Barnes and Noble changed the UK release date of the Nook readers and having me waiting in twice this month all day for a delivery which wasn't coming, I have spent today - the official release date - waiting for Argos to deliver the Nook I ordered (and they took payment for the same day on October the third) - and no delivery. I was assured by CS at Argos that my order would be delivered sometime today between the hours of seven AM and eight PM. It is now eight PM and surprise surprise NO delivery from Argos. A third lost day waiting in on their delivery dates and NO Delivery at all.

I am now going to email Argos yet again and ask why I did not receive delivery when unlike the two other delivery dates I was given that B & N did release the device today, no further delays.

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Why the date? Well today is my Mum's 70th birthday so it means she was born in 1942, hence the post title. Also coming up with post titles gets monotonous and difficult after a while.

I gave her a new fifth generation iPod touch in red which she loves, my Dad gave her a new watch and some toffee, from my brother and his family she got a football top with the number 70 on the back ( he said it was either that or 'Old Git') as well as a digital photo-frame with a SD-card full of pictures of my three nephews.

Next up is my sister-in-law's 40th birthday on the 30th of the month. My middle nephew, also my Godson, turns 8 on the 25th of November and his Dad turns 38 a week before hand on the 18th of November. After that there is only Christmas to see to. Yikes, busy busy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Idiot Liars

After waiting in for hours, and making sure my Dad was on hand and vigilant on the two occasions I had to leave my home today the tracker with TNT says that I was unavailable to receive my shipment and it's now it's status is marked as 'Exception' whatever that means.

So God only knows when the are going to get around to delivering it, I won't say redelivering it as they never attempted to deliver it at all today. I hate when courier companies think it all right to outright lie to and about customers. Also for a courier that was supposed to be delivering up to six pm he managed to scan my package in quite swiftly at barely 6.13 pm. Last *ahem* delivery must have been pretty close to the depot there?!


Well, it's almost 5 pm and we've went and let in my brothers cats early tonight due to the torrential rain we are experiencing. We got back at 4.45 pm and my Dad announcing, "I can't see it coming now", he predicts. I am waiting for a delivery which TNT has which is out for delivery. I told him that delivery is between 9 am and 6 pm and that's over an hour away. He announces, "they knock off at 6 pm", which is wrong they deliver up to 6 pm and then return to their depot but apparently I'm wrong. I hope the delivery comes just going on six pm so I can show I'm right and he isn't. It's the reaction I got when I stated that delivery can be any-time up until six pm, basically I'm stupid and he knows better, he's not willing to accept that I can possibly be right and they can deliver up until 6 pm and that's not when the van is due back at their depot. It's the condescending way he stated I was in the wrong that 'got my goat' as they say.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Week to Go

I mentioned to my Mum to enjoy her last week in her sixties. Come next Saturday, just one short week away, she will turn 70 and enter her seventies.

On a great note, the iPod 5th Generation I pre-ordered away back on the 14th September in hopes it would release and be delivered in time for her 70th birthday was dispatched yesterday via TNT. So I'm thrilled, the amount of times I've heard, "One day I'll get a new iPod just for myself and not a hand me down from you!" I can't count. Not only will she get a brand new iPod but also be the first in our family to get the new iPod touch. I pre-ordered the exclusive red one which is only available from Apple themselves for her.

I'm excited to see how she reacts to getting it. I think I'm more excited about giving her the iPod than she will be about receiving it!! <g>

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Another Day

As another day comes to an end I have an update on the 5th generation iPod touch I ordered in hopes of it being released and delivered by the 20th of this month. It updated today to dispatch on the 12th with delivery being on the 18th. So even if it does take four working days to arrive after dispatch it will be here in time for my Mother's 70th birthday which is a relief.

Yesterday I got confirmation that the pre-order of the Nook with Glowlight would be delivered by Argos next Monday (15th October) even though the message about contacting Argos as my order might be delayed is still showing on the order page.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Nook ST Glowlight

Got confirmation today from Argos that my order of the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight reader will be next Monday, October 15th, between the hours of 8am and 6pm. So that's that sorted, there was a note on my order page which suggested my order was being delayed and to get in touch with Argos to get an update.

I received my Kobo Glo on Friday past and once I fully test drive both fully I decide which suits my needs the most and pass the other over to my Mother. If the iPod 5th generation that I have on pre-order since pre-order became available direct from Apple UK store doesn't get released (and delivered) in time for my Mum's 70th birthday which is the 20th of October I will give her one of the readers for her birthday instead and keep the iPod for her Christmas when it actually does get actually released.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

October 2012

It seems like ages since I posted to this particular blog, but I'm hoping that with the help of the new software I have my laptop I will be able to once again blog more frequently.

Please excuse any errors and slips through as I'm just learning how to use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and when I proof read I tend to miss the odd wrong word which is to be transcribed.

I am currently being treated for anaemia anaemia and having to take iron tablets three times a day. I am due to get another blood test at the end of the month and am also due for my flu jab this month as well.My brother and his family left yesterday for the October holidays at their home in France.

I am suffering from excruciating back pain at the moment as well as my other health worries.I am sorry this is such a brief update but I'm finding that incredibly hard to still still for any period of time.