Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Well, it's almost 5 pm and we've went and let in my brothers cats early tonight due to the torrential rain we are experiencing. We got back at 4.45 pm and my Dad announcing, "I can't see it coming now", he predicts. I am waiting for a delivery which TNT has which is out for delivery. I told him that delivery is between 9 am and 6 pm and that's over an hour away. He announces, "they knock off at 6 pm", which is wrong they deliver up to 6 pm and then return to their depot but apparently I'm wrong. I hope the delivery comes just going on six pm so I can show I'm right and he isn't. It's the reaction I got when I stated that delivery can be any-time up until six pm, basically I'm stupid and he knows better, he's not willing to accept that I can possibly be right and they can deliver up until 6 pm and that's not when the van is due back at their depot. It's the condescending way he stated I was in the wrong that 'got my goat' as they say.

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