Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's Here

At long frigging last people!!

Argos delivered my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight today along with the Argos order I placed for my Mum on Sunday. Argos must of decided to deliver both orders at the same time, the second order's delivery scheduled day. Pity they didn't figure to inform me of the change of delivery date for the Nook when they did that and I wasted an entire day waiting in and looking out for a delivery van arriving. I had my blinds open till quarter past eight last night without reason, we prefer on cold dark nights to close them darn things and try to ignore the approaching winter season as much as possible. We feel the cold we don't need to see the accompanying darkness.

Anyhow, finally I got a USB that recognised the Nook and installed the relevant drivers, the other two on my Mother's laptop kept giving me error messages and it wasn't being recognised by the laptop. Frustrating!!

So on the third and last remaining USB it not only installed drivers but recognised the Nook allowing it to be used in USB mode for transferring non-Nook purchased books.

It's now charging via this USB port and once the orange charge light turns green I'm all over that Nook. Then I'll be able to choose which, the Nook or the Kobo Glo, that I'll keep for myself and the other will be put away for my Mum's Christmas present. She's leaving the choice to me to decide which to keep and which to give her for Christmas. So cool ...

I also have the new Kindle Paperwhite which is Amazon's version of these devices, built in lighted readers, and while I like it probably better than it's predecessor the Kindle Touch, the Kobo Glo beats it for even formation of light. I see no shadows like the Kindle PW has at the bottom of the screen where the LED lighting is situated. The Glo in my experience so far with both devices has a better implementation of this feature.

I also got my blood tests taken last week and was given my annual flu jab. I attempted to get a follow up appointment with the GP who put me on iron tablets but she is on her annual leave for the next week or two so I'll have to wait until she returns. Hopefully if my tests show I need to keep taking the iron tablets for longer she will either leave instructions before going on leave at the end of this week or another GP will make the decision to keep my on them. I'll probably find out if I have to keep taking iron tablets when I phone for my results on Friday.

My Mother and I have officially started our Christmas shopping today when the deliveries from Argos arrived. That package, or rather packages, contained the main parts of the present we are giving my Father. We have only stocking fillers, socks and such, to get for him now.

My brother says he thinks that giving our nephews, at least the oldest two, budget tablets for their Christmas this year he is going to talk this over with his wife. So hopefully he will be able to give us an firm answer by the end of this week. Talking about my sister-in-law today is her 40th birthday. So even though she doesn't know about this blog I'll still wish her a happy birthday here and now.

Super bad news however, for me anyway, my desktop PC died on me a week ago, refusing to switch on at all, I have an extended warranty and it was picked up last Wednesday afternoon by courier to be taken into the repair shop - wherever that is - and I was able to track it to the repair center but the location wasn't marked. I arrived roughly 24 hours after it was picked up. I have no idea how long it will be away, and even if it can be fixed, so I'm now waiting around for contact from said centre to say what is wrong, what if any money it will cost me (replacement parts not covered by warranty only time/service) and when or if I can expect it to be returned to me.

I am feeling rather lost without it but luckily I'm not totally without a computer as my Mum has given be her laptop to use until my PC is returned to me. That said, I still miss my desktop, and I'm worried about any possible files I might have lost. But it's a waiting game unfortunately with no time frame provided.

So I think this long post will make up for the lack of any really posts on here (or elsewhere if I'm honest) and for the short posts I've been posting lately.

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