Monday, 29 October 2012

Third Strike

If this was a baseball game Argos would now be striked out officially. After contacting Argos yet again about them not updating me when Barnes and Noble changed the UK release date of the Nook readers and having me waiting in twice this month all day for a delivery which wasn't coming, I have spent today - the official release date - waiting for Argos to deliver the Nook I ordered (and they took payment for the same day on October the third) - and no delivery. I was assured by CS at Argos that my order would be delivered sometime today between the hours of seven AM and eight PM. It is now eight PM and surprise surprise NO delivery from Argos. A third lost day waiting in on their delivery dates and NO Delivery at all.

I am now going to email Argos yet again and ask why I did not receive delivery when unlike the two other delivery dates I was given that B & N did release the device today, no further delays.

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