Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lotsa News

Well I have quite a bit of news.

First, my desktop broke and although it spent around a month away getting fixed and did get a new Power Supply Unit installed and was returned to me it still is showing signs of problems. As the company that my parents bought the PC from as well as the extended warranty have went into administration I doubt any further repairs will be done if it does go belly up again. Which I think is a good chance of happening. So I am using my Mother's laptop quite a bit still despite the desktop having been returned to me a couple of weeks back now. Also tomorrow a portable Samsung drive (1 TB) is due to be delivered and I will be transferring as many of the files I want to save from the desktop before anything unfixable happens to it.

Second, the last month or so I've had a lot of birthdays to see to. Three in October and another two in November. Now Christmas is  upon on once again. So I'm rushed off my feet figuratively keeping up with everything.

Third, I am receiving a Chrome Book for my Christmas which I hope will take the stress off my PC until I can save up enough to buy a new main PC once again. As I do spend most of my time on my PC on Chrome, either browsing or YouTube, or shopping, or blogging, this type of device is right up my street. Although I can well understand how it's not up everyone's street so to speak.

Fourth, I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, such as it is. Now my parent, or to be precise my Mother, and I have to just figure out what to give my brother and sister-in-law and we'll be all set for the big day. So to speak.

I definitely know it's winter now. I got my first cold sore this week and today I had to spend about 15 minutes defrosting/de-icing my car windows before I could take my youngest nephew into preschool today. Also the slippery pavements are back. Didn't miss any of these at all I can tell you!!!!

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