Monday, 25 June 2012

Life Update

Well this time around I decided to update on this blog rather than to my invisible me blog. So since the end of May when I got my new Samsung Smart Camera my Dad's birthday has came and went as has Father's Day which was the next day.

He loved both his presents. I gave him a standard definition Panasonic camcorder which has simpler controls that the SD90 which I use which makes it easier to use given his sight problems. The on/off and switching modes are controlled by a small wheel at the rear of the device. Easy Peasy.

For Father's Day I gave him a full size pair of headphones which he can use with all his devices as it has a 3.5 mm jack, it also came with an adapter which means they can be used for the bigger type connectors on stereo systems if needed.

He uses them on his handheld games console, also they are usable with his CD stereo which he uses for his talking books and for the person CD player I bought him last Father's Day. The fit over his hearing aids just fine and so he can hear while wearing them without any bother. Which is what I wanted. So score!!

So next comes my parents wedding anniversary, end of July, and they will have been married 42 years. So for my Mum it was easy I have going to give her a smartphone. She's been after one for at least a couple of years. So said her next mobile that she was definitely getting a smartphone with the touch screen (she loves TS devices) and able to use apps to watch the likes of Sky Sports etc., on it.

For my Dad, I'm stuck on ideas, so I will be getting him some of the films he wants on DVD which he only has on older VHS tapes.

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