Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nippy November

Well it's November already, how this year has just flown in.

I am still experiencing a lot of shoulder pain (and elsewhere) and am finding using my keyboard/mouse very painful and slow.

Usually I touch type and don't actually look at my keys now typing on one hand only has me looking at the keys to find each one I need, nearly impossible to do as several of my keys are faded and show no letters to make sure I'm using the right one. Making me too slow in creating any posts, not to mention very painful when I do attempt.

You will also note misspelling and wrong letters ... so on not making sense in my previous posts. This is because I am struggling through and posting only to find errors later when I reread them. If it's not glaringly obvious and readers can still understand what I'm trying to say I haven't bothered editing the post ... so sorry for that everyone.

I have finally remembered that I have a budget tablet sitting next to my keyboard, in front of my hard drive tower, which would be easier to type on as the small built in keyboard in my case is best used one handed. Also using my one fairly decent arm/hand/shoulder I can type out more concise and understandable posts. I tested this theory tonight while waiting in my car for my eldest nephew to return from his guitar lesson and found while typing posts this way is slower than I am used to, I tend to create more concise well thought out posts which have little or no editing needed to 'fix' them for posting.

Also the on screen keyboard I'm using suggests words as you type and for long words that I repeat it makes the process of typing out posts a lot easier and a bit quicker.

So hopefully I will be posting more about my views on all thing I consider pertinent as a disabled woman who happens to blog. I'm currently working on a post on being a disabled blogger and how I see the internet - and blogs/forums for disabled and ill person - as a positive thing for people who can find themselves cut off from the outside world by their disability.

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