Monday, 31 October 2011


Well, happy Halloween again to all of you, I have been to my rheumatology clinic today. Given the effect of my RA and Fibro on me I was given a steroid injection into my left shoulder which I can move making me left side of my upper body unusable.

I am currently typing one handed as I have been told not to use my left arm/shoulder for a few days at least. Not that I could use it anyway.

I am waiting for appointments for both an occupational therapist and the physiotherapist, both of whom I met today after my appointment. I have no functionality which means I can't wash/dry myself, take care of hygiene, cook, make myself a drink or basically do the everyday tasks people do everyday.

I am looking at a lot of therapy over the next months, it could be a couple of years before I have even enough functionality to take care of my own basic needs. Then the therapists intend to help me tackle my extreme fatigue. Just to allow me to take care of my own everyday needs independently.

I was given two new 'comfy' crutches to replace the one basic one I've been using for years. I am due back with my doctor in six months instead of the usual year I've been attending.

This therapy is just to help me live independently as much as possible so that when I am alone I can live independently in my own home.

Hopefully my letters, both therapist and the clinic, will come through before the 14th when I have my first WFI as part of the WRAG group.

It's been made clear to me by the therapists that I am completely unfit for work and am looking at months and months of intense therapy to allow me to take care of daily tasks like dressing, hygiene, cooking, eating and so on. Including any special adaptions to my home I might need and any special aids I will need to start beginning to use.

Just now I am learning to use two crutches and it's like learning to walk all over again. I had the same problems when I first starting using 1 crutch.

Hopefully the DWP (and ATOS if they get involved due to my appeal) will see sense and not add to my intense workload as I learn to live with my now officially recognised regenerative condition. I am relieved to be honest as my future was scary as I can't even wash myself or cook for myself let alone everything else and without my Mother I would be in big trouble. Now the therapists have promised to help me gain the skills to help that future not seem too impossible.

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