Saturday, 15 October 2011

Flu Jab

Well, Thursday I went for my usual blood tests and was given my flu jab at the same time. So my left arm is now sorer than my right at the moment. It's been murder trying to sleep as I keep feeling the pain shooting through my left upper arm every time I move or do something stupid like attempt to roll over!!

This morning I got an early (6.10 am) wake up call when I felt myself about to throw up, I managed to deep breathe through it and after half and hour or so it had abated a bit allowing me to lightly nap till it was time to get up. Not the greatest start to a Saturday morning.

After going to my brother's house to let out his two cats I had a couple of errands to run for him. Post 2 letters and pick up a members pack belonging to my eldest nephew which was now available at the football shop.

I'm having to be very careful about what I eat or drink to avoid the burning need to throw up but I think it must have something to do with me just now recovering from the virus my nephews had in the last few weeks and getting the flu jab on Thursday.

Funnily enough I got a letter from my GP informing me that the flu jabs were in and no phone in to get mine but I beat them to it. Letter was dated Tuesday and I got mine Thursday while getting my usual 3 vials of blood taken.

Tomorrow my Mum wants to go to my brother's house and give it a tidy so I'll work on my letter to go with the GL24 form so I can get it back to the DWP this week. Well before the 1 month stated in the award letter.

I was wondering what to ask, a explanation of the reason the DM placed me into the WRAG then await their response before deciding whether it would be worth appealing or not, ask for the DM to look again at my information to see if I do belong in the WRAG or the Support group. Or skip past and go straight for appealing against the decision altogether.

I'll decide in the next couple of days. As I only have till the 1st of November to contact them in either case.

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