Friday, 28 October 2011


Well, my relief of having written and had my appeal for placement in the Support Group due to having the very first descriptor for this group only lasted 24 hours.

I struggled home after an exhausting trip for groceries worried about the appointments I have to attend next week and not looking forward to them in the least to find a letter from the DWP had arrived.

Instead of any confirmation of my appeal or such it's my first WFI appointment at the Job Centre Plus, at the top level of our local shopping centre (hope their lift works - hope they at least have a lift no info on their site - as I can't manage all those stairs up to it) at 9.45 am two weeks on Monday.

So they obviously didn't take note of the whole not able to travel safely before lunchtime on my forms did they?  I'll need to get up at around 8 as it takes me up to an hour to get up, dressed and take my first doses of medication. Then there is the travel time to the JCP and that's not taking into account the drowsiness caused by my muscle relaxant the night before to aid me having some sleep which can last till at least 11am.

This whole WRAG is turning out to be a major pain already and I haven't attended my first interview yet.

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