Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Well I'm busily beavering away on my appeal to be moved to the Support Group on the ESA rather than the WRAG that I was placed in.

Had a bit of a 'duh!' moment when reading the descriptors for the Support Group for writing my appeal letter and found that the first descriptor provided for mobility (walking/wheelchair etc) applied to me as I can't mobilise the distance stated without frequent stop and rests due to pain, stiffness and exhaustion.

So that makes me more confident in my belief I should be in the SG and not the WRAG. I did an online form where I clicked the boxes and found what my points results should have been and found that I should have got 39 points total and put in the SG due to fitting one of the descriptors in the DWP ESA rulings.

That makes it a little bit less frightening to appeal the decision. I am now busy trying to narrate how all my disabilities affect my day to day life and daily activities. Including the more embarrassing details I was sure would be covered in the second part of the assessment process when I should have gotten a face to face meeting before deciding whether I belonged in the SG or the WRAG.

So I am targeting the weekend at the latest to post the appeal by registered next day delilvery so I know it will arrive before the 1 month time limit provided by the DWP. Actually according to the letter I got exactly 2 weeks ago today is when I officially switch from IB to ESA.

Fingers crossed the DM at DWP will realise that I fit the descriptors for the SG without having to go through the long elongated appeals process with the inherent medicals and other appointments it incurs. I really don't think it will help either my health or my anxiety levels otherwise.

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