Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Yesterday was my eldest nephew's 11th Birthday, he's currently in France with his family at their holiday home, aka a trailer like home on a patch of ground. I've never actually seen it but I figure there is a park of holiday homes like this all inside their own pieces of land. It was a Christmas gift 3 or 4 years back from my brother's in-laws who own the house directly next door to them.

Anyway, still no letter about my first Work Focused Interview and it's been a week (tomorrow) since I got my award letter and 10 days since it was written. I am sending out an enquiry on a GL24 asking how the decision was made to put me into the WRAG rather than the support group. Until I know the reasons I can't appeal or decide to appeal as I need to know if by their standards if I belonged in either group.

Also I'm supposed to get 2 extra weeks to appeal if I put in for a written explanation of the decision on top of the month you get to appeal from the date of the award letter.

I will get that out and posted this week that will be over 2 weeks of my initial month to appeal plus 2 more weeks due to asking for an explanation. I'll also cover some of the reasons I'm surprised they state I *will* be returning to work on the basis of only the yes/no answers on the ESA50.

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