Friday, 28 October 2011

An Hour?!

Just re-reading the letter from JCP about the WFI and find it can last up to AN HOUR! I couldn't believe it, I can't sit for more than 10 minutes without moving or getting up etc., and they expect me to sit for up to an hour while going through steps to return me to work.

Just great, my cousin who attends the JCP regularly while trying to find a new job - he got made redundant without warning a couple of months ago - says the interviews are on the upper levels. There is a lift, the security guard unlocks it and let's you in so hopefully it will be in order. But an hour way outside my endurance at home and I sit on a leather executive chair, padded complete with both lumbar support and arms. So regardless that is going to be some painful interview especially given the fact that I am in the midst of the winter weather flare ups. Temperatures are making me feel totally craptastic and pain at the top of the scales.

So definitely not looking forward to the coming few weeks, between hospital appointment, nurses well check up which my GP wants me to have at the surgery and now the monthly WFI starting plus any activity they decide I should do to get back to work. Strangely though I don't think there are a lot of businesses lining up to employ someone like me with my limited abilities and disabilities.

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