Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day Late or Early?

Well I got my Citylink deliveries this afternoon. Both arrived together. One original due Monday and the other yesterday (Tuesday). So they are both officially late but the one I had to reschedule although it was due Monday it came out a day earlier than the earliest rescheduled delivery date they gave me yesterday.

I think that they were putting the second order out today to be delivered and someone realised there was an order rescheduled for Thursday for the same address and sent them out together rather than come to the same address two days running.

I suppose I should consider myself lucky that they didn't hold back the second package another day to fit the rescheduled date given.

Other news, tomorrow is a super early morning for me, my two youngest nephews will be dropped off well before 8 AM as the eldest is due into the hospital at 8 AM and we are a distance away from said hospital esp. during morning rush hour.

We have to give them both breakfast and drop each off at the relevant primary school. My youngest nephew isn't normally due in the AM class but tomorrow morning is the Christmas Party at the pre-school/nursery so we have to drop my youngest off by five to 9 AM in the morning. So the middle one will be dropped off around quarter to/ten to 9 AM and get to the second primary school by the five to nine for the start of the party.

My eldest nephew is due into hospital at 8 AM and is undergoing an operation of his big toe and both his parents are attending with him. Not that I blame them, I would do exactly the same in their shoes. So we have to go back for the youngest around 11.30 AM (just the same as last year when we did the same routine for his Christmas Party then) and there is a chance we have to go back in the afternoon to pick up the middle one after the end of school at 3.15 PM.

We will have my youngest nephew in the afternoon rather than the morning tomorrow and he's still not eating much. Poor love is suffering from a bad stomach virus, he just got over the flu a few days prior to getting the virus.

So that's about all that happening tomorrow.

Today we went to the cemetery to put down the Christmas wreaths on my Godparents and Maternal Grandparents graves. Just our way of including them in our festivities although they are no longer physically with us.

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