Thursday, 20 December 2012

Early Start

Well I had to get up super early today, again tomorrow but I'll get to that, as I had to take my youngest nephew to his Primary School early AM for the pre-school Christmas party. I was also mean't to take the middle boy to his Primary School beforehand but he seems to have come down with the stomach bug the youngest had at the weekend/earlier this week.

So with one boy home ill, another going into hospital for an operation, we had to take my youngest nephew super early before school to get him in in time for the pre-school Christmas party. Esp. after he missed the other Christmas Party his brothers attended that he couldn't because of the aforementioned stomach bug.

Now as my brother and his wife are returning to work tomorrow I need to get up super early again and get to their house prior to them leaving for work because the district nurse is coming sometime tomorrow to change the bandages on my eldest nephew's feet. No idea when tomorrow but given his incapacitation we can't move him afterwards or leave him alone while attending our own planned trips.So they have been delayed a day.

Also we might have my middle nephew to look after as well if his stomach bug hasn't settled down. So we might have 2 ill/injured/incapacitated little boys to look after. Also my brother's broadband is almost out of bandwidth for this month so I can't go online at all so there goes the plan to take the laptop or iPad to pass the time. A long day looking after a possibly cranky boy. Not that I would blame him given the pain he is in, if there is anything I know about is being in pain.

So my brother has packages for Christmas being delivered to our house so my Father would have to stay in at our house in case they arrive tomorrow.

So our plan to go finish our Christmas shopping and then do our grocery shopping is out and we will have to get up early Saturday to fulfil them. As Sunday we have our large Christmas shop to do at the supermarket, and Christmas Eve is spend cleaning and preparing our Christmas meal.

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