Sunday, 7 July 2013


Well I'm due at the infirmary, one town over not one of our own hospitals which are close by oh no!!, I'm being sent to another town completely to get the x-ray my specialist wants me to have. So on Tuesday at 2 pm - my usual lunchtime - I have to be at this hospital at the x-ray dept. to have an ultrasound x-ray on both of my hands to presumably check for swelling because the specialist wants to decrease my intake of Sulphasalazine as I've been on the top rate that my body can handle for over a decade now.

Yep, I complain about pain increases which my pain relievers are absolutely no help with and instead he's wanting to curb another medication with no help for the increase of pain.

Also my Sulphasalazine is a disease suppressant which represses my immune system which in turn means my RA isn't attacking my body as much. In turn this is supposed to help slow down swelling and my immune system attacking my joints and organs. Only cutting down on the suppressant could mean my RA once again going into high gear and my immune system attacking my joints/organs more aggressively. It's a catch-22 whichever way you look at it.

Also the hospital/infirmary they are sending me to only does these type of scans twice half days a week. So when I had to reschedule my June appt. I had to wait a month for another one. They only do ultrasounds on Monday AM and Tuesday PM. I feel sorry for the pregnant women who have to rely on this infirmary for their ultrasounds.

I'm tired just thinking of this week at all. Monday, early start, as my Mum has to go to the dentist to have an impression done for her new plate. Then letting the cats out at my brothers (he's away for 1 days short of 6 entire weeks this time) house. Grocery shopping then home until the call to return for her plate comes which they hope to have done same day. At around early evening back to my brothers to let in the cats and feed them for the day.

Tuesday, another early start, as I'm due at the infirmary at my usual lunchtime I have to get up around 90 mins early to have breakfast, let out the cats, go to the bank, come home. Have lunch early along with my second round of tablets, travel to another town and find their infirmary (leaving early in case of wrong turns etc.), get to the infirmary by at least quarter to two and find x-ray dept. and have x-ray. Hoping that they arrant running late at all.

Get back into town and go home, hopefully get a break before heading off to bring the cats in for the night and feed them.

Wednesday, get up and go let the cats out AGAIN, go home and have an early lunch as Mum due at hairdressers at lunchtime and take my second set of meds. Drop Mum off at hairdressers and return in a couple of hours or so to pick her up after her perm. Go grocery shopping and if it's near tea time let the cats in early for the night and feed them. Go home and relax for the evening and finally know that all the appts. for this week are done.

Then on Thursday hope that no new appointments come in and we can relax and begin thinking about setting our own house to rights. Mum wants the downstairs gutted, the kitchen repainted and then is going for the new cooker we've needed since January/February time when our elements burned out.

Then just leaving the bedrooms/bathroom to be sorted. Mum also stated she wants the bathroom repainted as well.

Hope we get all this done and then get at least a week or two to ourselves before my brother returns from France

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