Sunday, 13 October 2013

It's Been A While

Boy it's been a while hasn't it?

It's already well into October and once again my family has relocated to France for a couple of weeks during the school holidays. 

I am once again kitty sitting for my brother's family while they enjoy the French countryside or wherever there home is situated. They return on Friday, a day earlier than I first thought. So one less day of going in circles to look after the moggies.
I have been a bad blogger everywhere this year. At least my Chromebook is becoming the blogging beast I wanted it to be. Some great apps have become available which works offline as well as on-line. So they aren't dependant on having a live internet connection.

I have also installed a great extension into my Chromebook which spell-checks for me as I write. Just like inside an actual word processing program. Although when I had to find a Microsoft word replacement a few years ago I discovered not all word processors came with the ability to spell-check, let alone do so as you input text in real time, so to speak.

This extension sometimes cause the text to stutter and slow slightly as I input it but as it's working in real time on-line I suppose that is to be expected. I still type at my usual fast speed, it just takes a slight split second longer for the text to appear on the screen. It's not slowing me down any but I suppose some would complain. That said it's free to install and use so what can you complain about really?

If you prefer I suppose you could wait till you finish and let your entire document be spell-checked then by Chrome or some other program. That's your prerogative.

That said you can use setting and disable it on any site you wish. You don't have to use it on every site you type into.

I will continue to test out other extensions and apps and if I find a better way to spell-check on the go I will post about it.

If you're interested it's called "After the Deadline" and is available on the ChromeStore for free.

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