Saturday, 14 January 2012

More Good News

After my 'good' day yesterday with news on my health/situation I received a letter from the hospital. Initially I thought that my specialist appointment at the Rheumatology Clinic had been delayed/changed but no, it's finally my appointment with the Occupational Therapist. It hasn't been forgotten, and definitely a load off my mind. I was going to bring it up on Monday when I have my next Physiotherapy appointment to see if he (therapist) could help me chase up the OT appointment for me as I was beginning to worry I had been forgotten.

Only bad news is that it's on a Tuesday at 11.30am, good time frame for me, but unfortunately Tuesdays and Thursdays are the two days I help out my parents with looking after my youngest nephew and take him into nursery at lunchtime. Also Tuesdays tend to me when I have to pick up all three boys from schools because both my brother and his wife often have after school meetings to attend.

I'll phone Monday morning to see if I can get the same time frame but on Monday, Wednesday or Fridays.

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