Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Well I spent over an hour going through an assessment with the Occupational Therapist today. Among the millions - well it felt like it - of questions I had to answer I had a few exercise for my hands (which the therapist seems to be concentrating on) including spending around 15 to 20 minutes going through the hot/cold water basin exercises for my hands.

Results of the machine used to squeeze to measure hand strength I scored very low with both of my hands. The therapist showed me the chart showing what my number count should be for my hands and I have less than 10% of the strength I should have.

So I was given exercises to do twice a day in hot/cold water alternatively as well as three exercise to do in sets of 10 during the day at least four times daily.

The therapist is faxing an urgent - urgent for our social work/therapy departments anyway - order to have their OT to visit me again at home to see alternatives for the current overhead shower I can no longer use even with help. As well as look into placing arm rails on both sides of the staircase within my house and also to see if something can be given to me to aid me getting in/out of bed which I have a lot of trouble with having to depend on my bed's metal bar on the headrest to propel me into/out of my bed and to help me sit up etc.

I will be getting my next appointment in around 4 weeks sent out within the next few days.

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