Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Again With the Goals

Well in October when I briefly saw the OT at the hospital she asked me to compile a list of my top 5 'goals' I wanted to work towards through therapy and aids when needed.

I hate these goals.


Because I can never come up with anything and have no legitimate idea what she wants me to say exactly. When asked yesterday at the 90 minutes assessment I went through all I could come up with was regaining control of my personal hygiene. She asked for other goals and after a few minutes of sitting blankly staring and scrambling mentally to come up with another goal. Any other goal but finally had to admit I couldn't think of one single thing presently as my mind was totally drawing a blank.

So again she wants me to think and compile some other goals for my next appointment which should be sometime in the next month.

I've goggled, I've searched all the various health related blogs and forums I visit, but still drawing a complete blank on that front.

I'll just have to ask her what goals is she continually asking about. I was referred to gain help with my seriously degenerated condition from my specialist. I knew I needed help either through the use of aids, therapy or probably both to help me regain functional independence which I no longer have having to rely heavily on my Mother as my carer on a daily basis.

I can dress myself, if I wear 100% stretchy clothes which don't require me lifting my arms too high and can get on and off using my one relatively 'good' arm. I can with struggle make my own bed which really only relies on me tidying up my duvet over my mattress. I can't however change the bed clothes just straighten them up when required.

Yes, I can use our hoover, just because we bought the lightest one we could find which I can use sitting down on my bed to hoover the limited carpet area left inside my bedroom.

But that's about it. Showering, hair, cooking, making drinks ... etc., etc., etc., require some-else to do the actual work for me.

So apart from helping me regain the ability to take all aspect, or most of them anyway, for personal hygiene onto myself all I can think of was gaining the ability to maybe cook a simple meal rather than only being able to make myself a very very simple snack. Which is my current ability.

So apart from hygiene, cooking and making myself a hot drink that's about it for goals that I can think of. All important to daily tasks. Also help with doing heavier shall we say house keeping tasks might also be required along the way but apart from those I draw a blank. I'll just have to ask for examples of these apparently important goals as I have no idea really waht she asking me for.

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