Thursday, 23 February 2012

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Yes, it's happened yet again! I have a tentative diagnosis for yet another condition to add to my ever growing list.

I went to the OT at the hospital, yet another hour spent feeling less than optimistic about not only the present but the future.

The OT was thrilled and pleased about my 'supposed' marked improvement of my hand strength. I now according to measurements taken today have 150% on one hand and 100% on the other of increase of strength in my hands. That said, I had less than 10% three weeks ago at initial assessment. So to put into perspective I have around 25% - 30% on the minimum strength I should have in my hands for a female of my age.

She was shocked at how less than impressed about this improvement. As my pain in my hands and wrists has gotten more than 200% worse than it was previously there is also the fact that over the past few weeks I have begun to seriously drop objects I'm attempting to pick up or hold. As well as experiencing a lot of difficulty actually gripped any object, painfully difficulties, all in all for me personally on a day to day basis I have less functionality in both my hands regardless of what strength tests results I have. That only shows that when I squeeze as hard and as painfully as possible on the grippers I can on the 3 occasions I get each hand tested manage to hold the grip at a certain strength.

It's the same as saying that my PT can manipulate my shoulders to complete certain movements I can't personally do so repetitively. Unless I can do an action several times in row within a specific period of time being able to have another person manipulate said joint once under their own strength these results have to real impact on my daily functionality when all is said and done.

It seems the added pain and the dropping problems I am experiencing, as well as the lack of sleep I am getting due to severe hand pain, is caused by something called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was given two sets of splints for my hands/wrists, one to use during the day when doing any activity where I need to grip anything, so basically most of the time, and another to wear at night.

I have to come back in 3 to 4 weeks, I'm not sure when as the receptionist had left for the day when I got back to the entrance so I had to put my sheet with the time frame from the OT through the gap between the closed windows and hope the receptionist gets it OK tomorrow and sends out an appointment to me. The OT said although she wants to see me within the month it will probably 5 to 6 weeks as she's booked solid for the next month.

I'll have to stop here for now as even with my hand splints on my hands and wrists are becoming very painful, too painful to continue on for now. I'll post tomorrow about my next step in the shower saga, it's not good news at all!!

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