Thursday, 2 February 2012

Toothy Thoughts

Tomorrow I return to the dentist's to see if my tooth will be refilled or extracted. I went to my check-up yesterday and told my dentist that I have two missing fillings. One in a tooth that keeps loosing fillings regularly and the other I believed was in a tooth filled last check-up time.

The dentist said the hole/chip was in the tooth next to the two that were filled together last time but looking at my trouble tooth she thinks that it is too deep to successfully keep a filling in place so might be better to extract it. Something I've been secretly wanting for a few years now, as a have had to have it refilled at least 4 times in the last five years or so and the last twice it took more than one attempt for the filling to stay in.

The last time it took a mammoth three attempts before the filling 'took' and the time before two.

I had an x-ray on the tooth yesterday at my check-up and got the choice of two Friday appointments, one tomorrow and the other next Friday. I opted to 'get it over' sooner rather than later and took one of the two openings for this Friday that was available.

I have just wasted a day staying in my brother's for a parcel which didn't get delivered. He phoned the company BT and stated that the delivery failed to arrive for the second time this week after initial delivery to his work-place didn't happen. They said that the parcel had been successfully delivered to the workplace only to find that the address they quoted was for the closed centre next door which hasn't been open for over 18 months so who exactly they delivered it successfully to was obviously invisible. So for a second time BT sent out the router my brother ordered and again they claimed that delivery was this time 'attempted' at 8.30am and no-one was home to take delivery. A outright lie which my brother called them on as myself, my parents and my youngest nephew were in the main room right next door to the front door and no Royal Mail van attempted delivery. And what do you know, no missed delivery card in letterbox!!

So he is awaiting a call-back to see when it will be delivered for the third time in under a week.

I'm too angry at the government to post my thoughts on their actions in reversing all amendments on the Welfare Reform Bill last night and their under handed tactics to do so and to avoid all further amendments and debate on welfare by using the ancient financial privilege law. This is a rule from 1671 and the Restoration of King Charles II to the throne. Yes they are that desperate and devious to use an old unused law from centuries ago to win a case that they were loosing through debate, correct facts, and just common decency.

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