Monday, 6 February 2012

Another Wasted Day

Well only half a day or so this time. After waiting in on Thursday all day at my brother's for his new modem to be delivered and it was a no show, we were there early again today to wait for it's replacement to be delivered. Brother phoned BT at lunchtime and found that what he was told on Friday about it being through today was wrong and it wouldn't be here till tomorrow. So he phoned us and we came home about 1.30pm.

So early day tomorrow and goodness knows how long a wait for this delivery if it actually comes that is. Then on Wednesday at 2.50pm I have my physiotherapist which tends to be brief thankfully now that I have had my assessment. 10 minutes at the most, takes me longer to struggle my way down the long corridor to and from the room my therapist is situated in.

Thursday, Friday and Monday the schools have in-service days so all three of my nephews will descend on us at before 8am in the morning and stay all day till their parents pick them up after school at around 5pm.

The Occupational Therapist from the council's social work department, strangely the same one who came to assess me several years ago and had my now unusable shower put in for me is the one doing the assessment once again. She is coming at 11am on Thursday as well to see me the OT at the hospital faxed through an urgent fax about getting this OT out to hopefully get me the aids/help around the house that I badly need now.

Then on Friday at 10.20 am I have an appointment to have my tooth extracted.

All in all a very busy week. Next week thankfully I have no appointments and am clear until two weeks tomorrow when I am due back at the OT at the hospital on Tuesday the 21st at 3.30pm.

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