Wednesday, 22 February 2012

PT today

Well I have my PT appointment in less than 2 hours time which marks my first of two therapist appointments this week. Tomorrow I have another therapy appointment at the main hospital which coincidentally charges for parking in the disabled car park. That's if I manage to get one of the limited disabled spaces as my appointment is at 3.15pm just around the beginning of visiting hours so there is a massive increase in demand for these parking spaces at that time of the afternoon. Originally I had a 2.45pm appointment which meant I would have to be there not long after 2pm, an hour before visiting starts, that was more likely to have an disabled space at this time. Unfortunately my appointment was put back two days and moved half an hour later.

I will have to arrive even earlier than I would normally need tomorrow in  case I have to park out-with the disabled area, generally prior to receiving my first blue badge I generally had to park at the farthest out of the car-parks our hospital has and walk into the main entrance from there. At that time it took me around 15 minutes (originally) to about 30 minutes that it was taking me to get to the hospital itself prior to getting my first badge through.

So fingers crossed I will get a disabled parking bay tomorrow as I have a long enough walk in from the entrance to the PT department and another from the reception to the OT's office.

As my hands are beginning to hurt again and I need to try to eat something for lunch and take my second doses of medication prior to leaving for my appointment at around 2.30pm I'll sign off here.

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