Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shh ... trying to sleep here

Well, I'm exhausted and it's not even 7pm. Nothing unusual for me normally but at have just cause today.

After getting up slightly earlier because I knew I would have to take my second round of medication prior to doing the nursery run because I wouldn't be back home in time for when I usually took them.

So, running later already, we headed off to nursery school. Just as I turned into the street near the nursery my Mother realised she had forgotten the letter she needed for my nephew's dental appointment. So dropping my youngest nephew off a couple of minutes late we headed back across town for the letter.

Getting the letter we headed back across town to the school my two eldest nephews attend. Slow moving vehicles, every light red - I kid you not! - and we finally reach the school almost 10 minutes later than we intended. After having to wait for a student to fetch my eldest nephew from class we were on the road to the dental hospital.

Being told both online last night and by my nephew who had a dental appointment less than a fortnight ago we finally reached the area near the hospital. Taking a different road to go around the blocked road leading to the dental hospital we find ourself faced with a one way street sign saying I couldn't go down that road beside the building to allow me to avoid said blockage.

So letting my Mother and nephew out because they had less than 5 minutes till his appointment I then turned the car around to reverse my course to the nearest council parking space I could find. Reaching the mini roundabout I turn downwards to the first car park directly opposite the road leading to the dental. Imagine my surprise when said blockage wasn't present and I had a clear road straight to the hospital front door. So abandoning my plan to find a car park or space on the main road I parked directly across from the dental hospital main entrance so my Mother wouldn't miss me when setting off to search for wherever I managed to eventually park.

Imagine my second surprise when at just around 2.20pm, only 35 minutes after his appointment time, my nephew was walking out the dental. This is the shortest time I've had to wait with 90 minutes being the average wait whenever he has an appointment there.

So we found ourselves with around an hour till we had to return to the nursery school to pick up the youngest. So knowing that going home wasn't an option as we would just be home when we would have to turn right around and battle our way through traffic back towards the school for finishing time.

We decided instead to go to the nearest supermarket and pick up a few groceries which meant we didn't need to go out unless we wanted to. We got a couple of night's worth of evening meals and headed back to school again.

Arriving at 3.20pm, luckily the youngest can be let go at 3.25pm instead of waiting till 3.30pm so we didn't have long to wait. Once he was all securely belted in off we went across town, past our house, and onto their other grandparents house where the youngest would stay the night and the eldest could start his school project.

Finally arriving home around 3 hours after leaving and completely knackered. But that's one busy day finally over until his next appointment which is being sent out within the next couple of days.

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