Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Early Start

Today I have had a really early start to what is shaping up to be a very busy day.

My brother is awaiting two house calls, so we had to be at his house by 8am. Way to early for me.

First the shop he purchased his new suite set from is coming some time today to look into some damage to his new leather sofa and footstool seem to have on them. Also the British Heart Foundation is expected sometime to pick up his previous suite for their charity shop. The shop is expected between noon and two in the afternoon as they verified in a phone call yesterday but the charity shop is due any time today.

Also my eldest nephew's parents night was cancelled a couple of weeks back and have been reorganized for tonight after school is finished so we (or rather I) have to pick up my two eldest nephews from school this afternoon. Not that I particularly mind but my brothers street hasn't been salted at all and is like a skating rink, it was nerve wrecking getting from my car to their front door this morning when I arrived.

My youngest nephew is suffering from a bad cold so we don't have to put him into nursery school today. I will have to venture out for something for lunch from Tesco because I am going to be here all day it seems and we didn't bring anything to eat. In fact I think I forgot my medication as well so will have to stop off at home while out at Tesco's to pick up a sandwich.

My aunt got released last night after getting her knee replaced on Friday at the hospital and I had to pick up my other aunt and then visit the hospital to pick up my first aunt and take them both back to her house. She has a letter she needs put into her doctor's surgery which she wanted my father to pick up and take in for her today but it seems we are seriously pushed for time as my father will have to stay here in case of either my brother's pick-up/shop turns up while we have to go out. First to my supermarket and then for the school run.

When I return from the supermarket I will park in my brother's drive way which thankfully isn't slippery as it is full of pebbles/stones which helped stop the freezing temps from turning them into an ink rink like the pathway and road are.

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