Thursday, 22 December 2011


Between lying courier services who say they attempted delivery two days running when they didn't and I have at least 3 adults to prove so and relatives who expect me to drop everything and act as an unpaid taxi service I am frustrated and totally fed up.

My aunt had her knee replaced a couple of weeks back and got out hospital the Tuesday after her operation of the previous Friday morning.

Since her release every day she has phoned several times to complain she can't do this and that, she's in pain, unable to sleep through the night and hysterical on most times. She is just barely moving doing her physiotherapy exercise twice a day but otherwise hasn't moved out of either her bed or chair and expected/had others doing everything else that required actually moving in the least.

I know how painful joints etc., can be but after listening to the same crying jags, feeling sorry for herself and complaints for 10 days in a row several times a day my sympathy is wearing thin. Very thin.

You have to move and attempt to do things for yourself or you'll never get better. You gradually increase your daily activities and work through with the help of you exercises and medication supplied. You can't expect to lie in bed or sit around doing nothing except two short burst of leg lifts given by your physiotherapist who did a home visit - something that's I've never had I always have to travel to either a hospital or doctors surgery regardless of how much pain I'm in or how tired I am I just have to go if I want the help - and expect to get better and back on your feet.

You can't help someone who refuses to do anything to help themselves. I can't do her physio and all her housework/shopping/walking for her. Only she can and she's refusing to do it because it hurts too much to move her leg or stand up or even sit/lie down to do so. According to her many tearful complaints over the past 10 days.

City Link claimed via their online tracker system that they attempted to deliver my parcel which was due on Saturday past twice. Once on Tuesday at 5pm and again at 4.30pm yesterday. As no-one was home to sign for it they left a card through my door and now I either had to arrange to pick up for depot or have it sent back to Amazon.

As I and two other adults where home at the dates/times on tracker and no card has been put through our door at all, I know this is untrue. I contacted Amazon and listed all the facts and the fact I was personally home both days all day or at least 1 other adult was and no attempts were done and no cards left.They contacted CL and it's on the van again for delivery today. We'll see how this goes again.

Also I have my hospital appointment to see my own physiotherapist this afternoon which I hope my brother and his wife return to pick up their three boys before I have to leave for my 3.30pm appointment. So when my aunt phoned all in another crying jag saying her GP was having her put back in the hospital she had to told she would have to get a taxi or have the GP arrange an ambulance to get in. Also the fact my cousin was there to go with her so what she wanted from me I don't know. I can't afford to - and am not able - to go across to her because I have 3 nephews that I can't leave home alone, a parcel coming and my own hospital appointment and can't afford to miss it afterwards. Especially after waiting for 2 months for this appointment since my referral in October and initial meeting with the physiotherapist and occupational therapist on October 31st. The first appointment available for me was today at 3.30pm so I don't intend to miss it after 2 months of waiting for my therapy to actually start.

I don't feel well, I'm stiff, sore, in a lot of pain and quite frankly completely exhausted but I'm still going despite not sleeping last night. Or the night before that ... or the night before ... and so on you know the rest.

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