Friday, 9 December 2011

Here I Go Again

I've just returned from the city centre, managed to get my chocolate rations that are Xmas pressies from Thornton's as usual, as well as getting my aunt's present.

Didn't manage to get anything for my sister-in-law as I ran out of time and needed to get back to have my second doses of medication before heading out to my nephews Christmas Craft Fair.

Already exhausted but at least this is my last journey out - that I know - till Monday when I will again endeavour to battle the city centre and succeed in getting my sister-in-law's gift in.

I finished by Father's gift by getting the diabetic gift box from Thornton's which isn't available on-line for delivery so I had to visit in store. Went in for that worth around £12 and came out with £30 worth of pressies. Got a nice box of mint selection at half price and some stocking filler type plushies with chocolate penguins which I can either use in my nephews advent calendar which I will be filling up this weekend for them for when I have school pick-ups next week.

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