Tuesday, 13 December 2011


My father who was supposed to only be going to his sister to pick up a letter to hand in at her doctor's practice and left here over 2 hours ago to do this, is just now on his way to do this. Frustrating as we told him due to the fact we were waiting at my brother's house for his old suite to be picked up he would have to do this and come straight back here to let us away to do the school pickup. And only now an hour and a half after reaching his sister's is he now going to hand in the letter, and he wonders why we were upset that he isn't already on his way back to cover his house while we go to the school.

I have to leave no later than quarter to three to get across town to the school and here I am with only a half hour to spare till this time and he says he is only now heading over to the doctor's surgery, then he will have to get a bus and walk in from wherever he gets off the bus to my brother's house as it's a fair distance away from any bus stops.

And he's surprised we're upset!!

Grr ... and they wonder why there is so much domestic problems when men don't listen, no offense to any men who actually listen and do what the say they will when they say they'll do it.

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