Monday, 26 December 2011

Sleepless in Scotland

Well it's almost 1am Boxing Day and here I am unable to sleep yet again due to my FM and the RA in my shoulders. I had the same problem last night, or rather early Christmas morning as I fought to find a comfortable  position to sleep without making my pain worse. I was still trying at almost 4am in the morning when I finally dozed off only to be awoken what seemed like minutes later by Mother who said my brother had already called to see if we were ready to come to his house for Christmas breakfast as has been our ritual since my eldest nephew was born and it became a full-fledged flitting when they tried to come to us.

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful and that you all got lots of lovely gifts which you appreciate and those you gave prezzies to were just as pleased. As for myself I knew what I was being gifted in advance from my parents, clothes and a new wireless keyboard/mouse for my desktop computer. I also knew my aunt had been busy knitting ponchos for most of use nieces so I knew I was getting that from her as well. The only unknowns were from my brother and his family where I again received clothes in the form of a new pair of boots, slippers and a woollen top from my three nephews.

So it was clothing all-around for me this year.

I lucked out with the gifts I chose for my parents and they both loved what they received which is always nice. I gave my father a couple of games consoles, handheld ones. Those generic ones which have built in games. Two replace identical hand-helds he had for several years before they fell apart and the third was a colour LCD handheld with 50 built in games which can also be plugged into a monitor/TV and you can play through it making the graphics/games larger which is a plus as my father is legally blind. For my mum I bought the Kobo Touch Reader as she has stated several times in the past that the next reader she wanted was one with a touch screen. Had almost a bad mishap with it which caused us a bit of a panic, I noted that the shop I bought it from got in screen protectors so I bought one to protect the screen from fingers prints and more importantly any thing which will result in the screen becoming scratched. My mum said it went on no bother but when she went to peel off the tab on the protector which marked the which side went to the screen and which faced you it brought up the film, nothing major as it always seems to happen when you try to take off the 'this way up' tab, but unfortunately it resulted in the protector becoming bubbled and dirt getting under it. So we figure it would be better without until we can get another screen protector to place on it. Then we notice a lot of bubbles on the screen, this concerned us as we had already removed the now faulty screen protector. For a short while we panicked that somehow we had damaged the screen itself. But then realising this didn't make sense as the air bubbles moved when you rubbed them gently and I never knew a touch screen which could get air bubbles under it. So I did a search and found what I believe to be the answer on the mobileread forums where another Kobo Touch owner had gotten the same air bubbles when she removed a screen protector when she felt it dulled the screen to much for reading and thought that the protector had damaged her screen, after some discussion with other members the likely cause would be that there was more than one screen protector/cover placed on the device at the factory prior to it being boxed up. The main one all devices have which says 'peel/remove this film' on it with the little tab to allow you to remove it easily and a second more hidden film which doesn't have an obvious tab for removal directly on the screen and hidden, my mum also thinks so as she said she saw the edge of another film/cover on the screen when she tilted it a certain way and she was able to lift the edge with her nail and the fact she was gradually able to push out the majority of these air bubbles using a micro fibre cloth and the application card the screen protector came with. We reckon that when my mum tried to remove the small white tab on the screen protector after fitting it and it rose off the screen that it brought up this hidden film as it was attached to it and so when she completely removed the screen protector the film returned to the touch screen but bubbles had gotten under the film which she is gradually pushing out and off from under the film altogether.

The only really annoying fact, despite the panic when we thought the screen had been damaged by this official Kobo screen protector, was it was a complete waste of the £5 I paid for this protector which ended up causing more harm than good in the end.

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